How do you get started with us?

Whichever activities you had in mind, it’s easy to get started with them. You can try them out independently during opening hours (with the help of our staff, naturally), or try out some of our classes. And if you got hungry for more, check out our courses and memberships!

How it works

You can always try climbing and OCR when our customer service is open. Just ask more at the counter when you arrive – we’ll help you get started. Places for our group classes are booked via our booking calendar. When customer service is open, you can pay for a single entry or use a 10-times card. And if you become a member, you’ll have access to our services more widely and more cheaply.


You don’t need your own gear as long as you put on flexible, breathable clothing that doesn’t restrict your moves! Climbing gear you can rent from us. If you’re a member and come to climb outside our regular opening hours, you will need your own gear and climbing shoes. In the OCR track, you need indoor gym shoes.

Visit with children

Children, with their endless enthusiasm and energy, will easily get driven away by routes and obstacles that fascinate them. However, there are issues that must be taken into account when visiting with children. We have no age limit, but children under 14 years must always be accompanied by an adult. If you haven’t reserved a party and an instructor, the rule of thumb is one adult per three children. 14-17-year-olds can train independently with a permission signed by their guardian.

Safety first

Climbing and OCR are activities where movements are wide and falling is always possible. Therefore, caution is needed in all areas of our premises. Do not walk under climbers, follow what others are doing, and focus on actual climbing. And even when excitement takes over, please do not run, particularly in the boulder area.

Stay home if sick

Please visit us only when you’re healthy and free of any symptoms of flu! If you or your child has even the mildest symptoms, such as a runny nose, be sure you get better at home. This way we prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses as well as ensure that everyone has a good time.Our staff has the right to decline access to the premises and classes if a visitor has any symptoms.

Frequent questions

If something is still bothering your mind after this page, try checking out frequently asked questions for an answer to the problem. You can always ask us also directly by e-mail, phone or even in Facebook.

Become a member

As a member, you get e.g. your own key, with which you can enter our premises even when customer service is closed. Group classes are free, and you get a discount on, for example, courses, private classes, and store products. Read more about membership packages:

Check out these basic courses and classes: