Targeted and effective training in group classes

Every body needs lots of movement to stay in shape. That’s what we focus on. In functional training, our most important tool is our own body, which allows us to conquer our own mountains. Among our group classes you’ll find mobility and yoga as well as climbing and OCR. Book your place, and let the movement lead your thoughts!

Climbing and OCR classes

Our very specialties are climbing and OCR classes. Whatever your goal is, at climbing and OCR classes we can help you focus your workouts so you can get there. At the same time, you may find yourself a new, great community with whom training is not only effective but also really fun!

Focus on your posture

Most physical injuries are due to poor muscle balance or weak muscles. In our group classes, you get effective muscle and mobility training for the whole body – either one area at a time or the whole body at the same time, depending on the class. Particular attention is paid to technique and posture, as this helps to find muscle imbalances and get the supporting muscles to work.

Help for every participant

We limit the sizes of the groups so that all participants can also get individual help from the instructor. This way, you know better what you need to focus on, and you get the most out of classes. Skill levels are written in the class descriptions, though some classes are very suitable for both beginners and advanced trainers.

Group classes

Here are some examples of our group classes. Places are limited, so please book yours well in advance via our booking calendar!

Frequently asked questions

If you didn’t find an answer to your question, please check the frequently asked questions. You can also always email us, or call us during opening hours!