NOTE! Children under the age of 14 always need an adult supervisor. A 14-17-year-old person can climb or be on an OCR track without an adult supervisor, but he or she needs a written permission from his/her guardian.

Climbing try-out with gear

Adult: 21 €
Under 14-year-old: 19 €

Try out climbing without reservation! A try-out with climbing gear included is a good option for first-timers. It includes a guidance, after which you can climb and try out the OCR course independently as long as you like. You can also take part in a group class (must be booked in advance).

Single entry without gear

Adult: 16 €
Under 14-year-old: 14 €

Kertamaksu on hyvä vaihtoehto satunnaisille harrastajille, joilla on omat varusteet. Kertamaksulla voit treenata itsenäisesti miten kauan tahansa, lajiin katsomatta. Kertamaksu ei sisällä ryhmäliikuntatunteja.

A single entry without gear is a good option for casual visitors who have their own climbing gear. For a single entry fee, you can train independently for any period of time. The single entry fee does not include group classes.

Climbing gear rent

Climbing shoes: 4 €
Climbing harness: 1 €
Belay device: 2 €
Chalk bag: 1 €
Lead rope: 3 €

Group class

Adult: 21 €
Under 14-year-old: 19 €

The fee includes one group class, after which you can stay on the premises to practice independently for any period of time and whatever sport you want. Does not include equipment, unless otherwise stated in the class description.

10-time card

Adult: 179 € (17,90 €/visit, includes gear)
Under 14-year-old: 159 € (15,90 €/visit, includes gear)

The fee includes 10 visits, whether they are independent workouts or group classes. During the visit you can train independently for any period of time, or take part in a group class and continue independent training (for example, take part in a mobility class and go climbing after it).


Student: -10 %
Pensioner: -10 %

Become a member!

As a member, you get e.g. your own key, with which you can enter our premises even when customer service is closed. Group classes are free, and you get a discount on, for example, courses, private classes, and store products. Read more about membership packages:

Leisure groups and companies

Leisure groups

Starting from 19 €/prs

Fun packages for e.g. birthdays, sports clubs, bachelor parties and many other occasions! See the standard packages and ask us for more. We are also happy to build a package just for your needs.

Company groups

Starting from 29 €/prs

Versatile options ranging from a 1,5-hour with a single sport to all-day events with multiple activities, dining and lessons.

You can also pay with: