As a member, you train more flexibly and cheaper

Life is busy - luckily activities can be more flexible! As a member, you can come work out to Wasa Up every day with extended hours. Would you like to try the membership out first? When you attend on one of the Wasa Up's courses, you get 1 month membership for free!
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includes for example:
– member kay to enter our premises outside regular hours
– all our group classes for free
– 50% discount on all courses
– discounts on private classes
– 10% discount on store products

54,90 €/month without commitments

Join for 12 months, and you get the membership for 49,90 €/month. If you’re a student, you’ll also get a 10% discount.

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Family membership

It might be hard to find a common hobby with reasonable price. At Wasa Up, the whole family trains more flexibly at the same monthly rate!

Our family membership includes the same benefits as individual membership. Something for everyone, together or individually!

starting from 79,80 €/m without commitments

Join for 12 months – our annual family membership prices start from 68,90 €/m. If you’re a student, you’ll also get a 10% discount.


Memberships for companies and teams

Every company and team is different. That’s why we always create the kind of package that meets your needs. You can reserve, for example, a regular hour for the entire team to work out together. With membership, everyone can train whenever they please. Ask us more!

These classes among others are included in the membership: