Who is climbing suitable for? What equipment do I need for the OCR track? Can I pay with work wellness coupons? If there is something unclear still, check here to see if there is an answer to the question. You can also ask directly to us on site or send an email!

Common questions

How can I pay?

Cash, debit and credit cards as well as most recreational vouchers and cards are accepted. Groups agree beforehand to pay either on site or by invoice.

Does parking cost?

Academill’s car park before our premises has unlimited parking. In addition, there are plenty of unlimited roadside parking spaces nearby, and there is also a sand parking lot on the other side of the silos. NOTE! During office hours, parking spaces may be full.

Do you have an age limit?

A child under the age of 14 must always be accompanied by a guardian if he or she is not with the group or involved in activities designed for children. In addition, a 14- to 17-year-old must have a written permission from a parent if the parent is not present.

How long can I stay during a visit?

As long as you want, or as much as the fingers and muscles can endure. You can even hang out on the couch for a while and go for on a new round with renewed vigor.

Can I bring a friend with a member key?

The member key is always personal. It is not allowed to bring anyone else inside our premises with it. Abuse always results in at least termination of membership and a possible fine, depending on the situation. So make sure your friends come to visit us when customer service is open.

Do you work with other local actors?

Cooperation is everything for us. We are happy to work with local businesses, clubs and communities. If you have any ideas, please contact us!


Do you need an appointment or equipment to come climbing?

Not necessary. You can visit us whenever customer service is open. There is always a person at the counter to help you get started with climbing. You can also rent or buy climbing shoes and other gear from us.

When can I climb the roped walls?

If you haven’t taken a beginner’s course, you can climb on our autobelay walls independently or be belayed on top rope by someone who has the permission to belay you. After taking the top rope basic course and gaining sufficient skills, you can also belay a friend yourself. Those who have completed the course elsewhere must have an official belay card or take a belay test.

How much can ropes and anchors withstand?

If hippos were made their own climbing harnesses, they too could climb. Ropes and anchors therefore withstand a large amount of weight. They are also regularly inspected, replaced and maintained, so all equipment always stays in good condition.

Can I climb with my own shoes?

Climbing walls always require climbing shoes. Their structure and bottom are specifically designed for climbing, so that their grip is the most optimal. Using them also prevents dirt and small rocks getting in to the area and mattresses.

What kind of clothes are good?

Flexible and breathable indoor exercise clothing is good for climbing. For hygienic reasons, socks are always used in rental shoes.

Can I rent equipment on site?

You can rent climbing gear, such as climbing shoes, harness, belay device, lead rope and a chalk bag, from us. You can also easily buy your own equipment for boulder, walls and outdoors from our shop.


Do I need an appointment to try OCR?

Not necessary. You can come to us whenever customer service is open. There is always a person in customer service to help you get started. Please note, that the track might be reserved for a course or class. Please check the booking calendar first!

Can I train on the OCR track independently?

You can always train independently on the OCR track, even if you have not attended a course. However, you should take part in the course immediately if you are interested in the sport, because you will get tips on the right technique and an effective, safe workout. You will also get access to the King/Queen of the Mill ramp after the course.

What equipment do I need for the track?

It gets really intensive, so flexible and breathable indoor sportswear is best in OCR. In addition, you will need your own indoor exercise shoes and a large water bottle. Gloves are also helpful if your skin is sensitive.

Who is OCR suitable for?

For you who want to experience accomplishments and push your limits through a holistic form of exercise. OCR challenges both body and mind, and together with the instructor, you can safely practice the right techniques. If you’re interested in the sport, check out also our classes and courses!

How does an athlete benefit from OCR?

OCR is such a versatile workout that it is both challenging and beneficial for active enthusiasts and competitive athletes. OCR puts the whole body at work, and also challenges the mind, which is the most important resource for an athlete.

OCR season is approaching, what do I do?

First of all, you are in the right place! With our Toughest certified instructors, you will achieve your goals. You can take part in Toughest Training classes, which consist of Toughest’s three obstacle categories: Move, Grip and Strength. Ask also for private classes!

Group classes

What kind of equipment should I have?

Regardless of the class, the best training clothes are flexible and breathable indoor sports clothes, as we will most likely move around in almost every possible direction. You need indoor sports shoes for OCR lessons, they are not needed for studio lessons. For climbing you need climbing shoes, which you can also rent or buy from us!

Do people with different skill levels take part in same classes?

Sometimes. Some classes, such as climbing clinics, are clearly divided into different levels, but for example, many studio classes are suitable for all levels. The exercises are always varied according to the skills of the participants, and the instructor can also show you variations if necessary. All courses are arranged for a certain skill level.

Do I need to book a place for the class?

We limit the amount of participants at classes to ensure that all participants get support and advice from the instructor. Therefore, it is important to register for classes and courses in advance. However, you can come and ask just before the start of the class if there is room left, and you can hop in if there is!

I have issues with my body, what do I do?

This depends entirely on the class, but as a rule, our group classes are suitable for all levels of exercise. However, if your issues limit significantly your moving, please check out the class description. Always talk to the class instructor about your issues so that he or she can take them into account.

Are there classes for kids?

Sure! We have classes for mini-ninjas at the OCR track as well as climbing classes for older kids. See all the classes and courses and you will find them all there!