Opening hours and contact information

Monday to Friday: 15-21
Saturday and Sunday: 12-18

With a member key, open any day from 05.00-23.45. Members’ entrance from the Academill’s door (to the right of Wasa Up’s main door). If the front door is locked, use your key.

With a reservation, open any day from 05.00-23.45. Make a reservation by contacting us.

See also the exceptions in opening hours.

Contact information

Rantakatu 2
65100 Vaasa
Tel. 050 543 4907

Representing a company? See also contact information for business sales.


Unlimited parking at the Academill/Åbo Akademi car park.

Business sales and billing information

Business sales

Johannes Sumuvuori
Tel 050 543 3947

Billing information

E-invoice address: 003728434142
Operator: Opus Capita
Operator ID: E204503

Exceptions in opening hours 2022

New Year’s Eve and day 31.12.-1.1. closed (open for members)
Epiphany Day 6.1. 12.00-18.00
Good Friday 15.4. 12.00-18.00
Easter Day 17.4. 12.00-18.00
2nd Easter Day 18.4. 12.00-18.00
May Day 1.5. 12.00-18.00
Mother’s Day 8.5. 12.00-18.00
Ascension day 26.5. 12.00-18.00
Midsummer 24.6.-26.6. closed (open for members)
All Saints’ Day 5.11. 12.00-18.00
Father’s Day 13.11. 12.00-18.00
Independence Day 6.12. 12.00-18.00
Christmas days and St. Stephen’s 23.–26.12. closed (open for members)
Christmas holiday 27.12.-30.12. 12.00-21.00
New Year’s Eve and day 31.12.-1.1. closed (open for members)


Johannes Sumuvuori

CEO, Leading instructor

Andreas Närvä

Leading Instructor, PT, Coach

Stefan Törnqvist

Leading Instructor

Sampa Järvimäki

Leading Instructor

Maria Sumuvuori

Marketing and communication

Contact us

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