Opening hours and contact information

Monday to Friday: 15-21
Saturday and Sunday: 12-18

* With a member key, enter any day from 05.00-23.45. Members’ entrance from the Academill’s door to the right of Wasa Up’s main door. If the front door is locked, use your key.

See also the exceptions in opening hours.

Contact information

Rantakatu 2
65100 Vaasa
Tel. 050 543 4907

Representing a company? See also contact information for business sales.


Unlimited parking at the Academill/Åbo Akademi car park.

Business sales and billing information

Business sales

Johannes Sumuvuori
Tel 050 543 3947

Billing information

E-invoice address: 003728434142
Operator: Opus Capita
Operator ID: E204503

Exceptions in opening hours 2022

New Year’s Eve and day 31.12.-1.1. closed (open for members)
Epiphany Day 6.1. 12.00-18.00
Good Friday 15.4. 12.00-18.00
Easter Day 17.4. 12.00-18.00
2nd Easter Day 18.4. 12.00-18.00
May Day 1.5. 12.00-18.00
Mother’s Day 8.5. 12.00-18.00
Ascension day 26.5. 12.00-18.00
Midsummer 24.6.-26.6. closed (open for members)
All Saints’ Day 5.11. 12.00-18.00
Father’s Day 13.11. 12.00-18.00
Independence Day 6.12. 12.00-18.00
Christmas days 23.-25.12. closed (open for members)
St Stephen’s Day 26.12. 12.00-18.00
Christmas holiday 27.12.-30.12. 12.00-21.00
New Year’s Eve and day 31.12.-1.1. closed (open for members)


Johannes Sumuvuori

Leading instructor, CEO, partner

Andreas Närvä

Leading Instructor, PT, Coach, partner

Stefan Törnqvist

Leading Instructor, partner

Sampa Järvimäki

Leading Instructor, partner

Maria Sumuvuori

Marketing and communication, partner

Jan Kilkki

Customer service, route setter

Timo Kortet

Acroyoga, yoga, mobility

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