Try OCR without an appointment!

OCR, or Obstacle Course Racing, is currently one of the fastest growing sports in the world. A track assembled from a variety of obstacles challenges the mind and body. Common obstacles include climbing over high walls, moving on ropes or rings, crawling, and pulling and lifting heavy objects. It's easy to try the sport at Wasa Up. Just come over when customer service is open, and there is always someone behind the counter who is ready to present the track (unless it's reserved for a course or class, so check out our calendar first)!

Overcome yourself

Obstacles of OCR allow you to challenge yourself and test your limits in a variety of ways. Fingers will itch just from the sight of an obstacle, and you start wondering if you could get through it. You can! And if not with your first go, keep training and you’ll easily solve the problem. Experiences of success elevate inner motivation to whole new levels, and enthusiasm and joy often shine through the faces of those active in this sport.

An everyday workout that leaves you psyched.

OCR is a holistic workout that puts both body and mind to use. Many obstacles include moves from dropping and climbing high to hanging in ropes and jumping over things, and when the aerobic side is added on top, the entire body gets a proper burn. This sport gets a grip of you quickly, which makes it both a great hobby for a casual escape as well as intense workout.

Toughest certified instructors

It’s either all in on or not at all! If you’re aiming for a Toughest competition or some other OCR event, then this is the place to train for it. Our Toughest certified instructors will help you with the right kind of training, get you close with others who are training for events, and give you extra power to achieve your own goals. Ask also for private classes!

Ground for ninja candidates

This is an absolute blast for all the little ninja candidates who are interested in hanging, jumping, climbing and running about. The Ninja School teaches the basics of OCR and progresses step-by-step through different skill levels. Who will join our Ninja Squad group?

OCR classes and courses

Here are some examples of the classes, courses and workshops we have. Places are limited, so please book yours well in advance via our booking calendar!

Still something you wonder?

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