Climb whenever you want

We have routes and challenges for climbers of all levels. Try climbing boulders or autobelay rope walls, and deepen your skills with courses and drop-in classes. The basic courses in top rope and lead climbing teach you to belay others, after which you can also move on to the walls with friends. Check out also our weekly Climbing Clinic classes!

Climbing on autobelay

It’s easy to try out top rope climbing alone on the autobelay walls, as the device takes care of the belaying and lowers you safely down. The TRUBLUE devices we use are the most reliable and popular autobelay devices on the market, and they can be used whenever customer service is open.

Top rope climbing

In top roping, the rope passes through an anchor at the top of the climbing wall to the belayer on the ground. If the climber slips and falls, the rope catches him/her immediately. To be able to belay others, the belayer must have completed a basic course and/or taken a belay test under the supervision of staff. If you’re climbing for the first time, top rope climbing on our autobelay walls or with a skilled friend is an easy way to get started.

Lead climbing

In lead climbing, the rope is not anchored up at the end of the route, but the climber carries it with him and attaches it to the anchor points along the route, which are known as quickdraws. If a climber falls, the length of the fall depends on the last quickdraw the climber had clipped his rope through on the wall. Lead climbing requires experience, and in order to lead or belay a lead climber on the walls of Wasa Up, you will need to have either taken the lead climbing course and/or perform a belay test under the supervision of staff.


Bouldering is perhaps the easiest climbing style to begin with, as the walls are low and without a rope on the way, you can climb freely in any direction. To get started, all you need are climbing shoes. You can easily do bouldering without a friend (at least indoors, because when bouldering outdoors, it’s always good to have a friend to spot you during climbing). Our bouldering walls are 4 to 5 meters high: you should always climb back down from them, as jumping from the top is risky for other climbers as well as for your own joints and back. However, if you lose your grip and drop, there is a thick mattress under the walls that softens the impact.

Climbing classes and courses

Here are some examples of the classes, courses and workshops we have. Places are limited, so please book yours well in advance via our booking calendar!

Climbing Club High Sport

Have you heard that Vaasa has one of the best bouldering areas in northern Europe? There’s a tight community of climbers in Vaasa, and High Sport is the region’s own non-profit climbing organization.

The aim of the club is to strengthen all areas of climbing in the area, from wall climbing to rock and ice climbing, as well as to maintain and activate a lively climbing culture. In addition, the club aims to make the region’s huge bouldering potential known both in national and international level.

As a member of High Sport, you also get additional benefits from Wasa Up’s services!

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