Workplace wellness – Climbing

There are routes and opportunities for everyone on our climbing walls. You don’t need any kind of sports background to get started, as the easiest walls are steep uphills with big holds. The group climbing area has higher, automatically belayed routes, where the machine takes care of your safety, as well as low boulder routes, which are climbed without a harness over a thick mattress.

Heights often make people nervous, and that’s perfectly permissible and even desirable: a nervous person takes safety seriously. You don’t have to climb higher than you feel, and the lowest routes are at ground level. Each class is taugth by a Wasa Up certified instructor, who helps everyone find the right level of challenge for them. The end result is fun exercise and feelings of achievemt together with colleagues.

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29 €/person, min 174€ (VAT 0%)


Based on the group's needs


Finnish, Swedish and/or English depending on the participants



1.5 hours of instructed climbing in your own group space. After this, participants are free to stay and climb in the center if the customer service is open. The price includes climbing equipment and shoes. We can build a package for small groups of a few people as well as groups of dozens of participants.

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