Ninja School develops agility, strength, perseverance and speed – that is, all the important qualities a real ninja needs! Classes are divided in three different difficulty levels, each containing five different skills: Move, Climb, Jump, Grip, and Power. During the classes, ninja candidates will have the opportunity to prove their mastery of these skills as well as earn Ninja Skills stickers along their development. All stickers are collected in the new Ninja Skills pass, which makes it easy to track your journey into becoming a ninja. Once one masters all the skills in the level, the ninja will also get a Wasa Up Ninja bracelet!




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OCR is a great sport for people of all ages, who love a variety of exercise, and get excited about ninja racing and obstacle courses. OCR effectively develops strength, agility, and fitness–and it’s easy to immerse yourself in the challenges of obstacle courses. Join the OCR community!

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