Themes on Climbing Clinic 1

Climbing Clinic 1 is aimed at beginners and those with some months of climbing experience. For advanced climbers we recommend Climbing Clinic 2. The recurring themes every week are core and body tension, balance, hold types and angles, and basics of foot work. The weekly themes rotate according to the following plan, but you can jump in at any point, and move to Climbing Clinic 2 when you feel comfortable.

1. Rock over, balance point and 3-point-base
2. Lay back and flagging
3. Heel hooks and positioning
4. Toe hooks and positioning
5. Dynamic movement and dead pointing
6. Static movement and locking up
7. Sloupers and body positions
8. Underclings and body positions
9. Side step and back step
10. Back step, knee drop & twist lock
11. Smearing
12. Stemming
13. Reading, planning, and memorising routes
14. Next level: projecting and building engrams

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