Classical Pilates is an effective full body workout

Our specialty is apparatus Pilates, and there is no other Pilates studio in the Vaasa region as well-equipped as ours. Classical Pilates quickly reveals the weak spots in your body, usually in a place you didn’t even know existed. Finding it is important as most injuries are due to poor muscle balance or weakness in the supporting muscles. With the help of classical Pilates, you will get your foundation thoroughly fit, learn to use your body in an economic and healthy manner, and understand where good posture and muscle balance are built from.

Boost your training with right equipment

The Pilates classes at fitness centers often combine the basic movements of classical Pilates with today’s trendy sports. FitnessPilates, FysioPilates, BodyPilates… Content varies by instructor and gym, and typically classes focus heavily on breathing and the core.

We give the whole body an effective muscle and mobility workout. Particular attention is paid to technique, as this makes the supporting muscles work. We also use classical Pilates equipment to add that extra intensity to the workout.

We workout in small groups

We always hold classes and courses in small groups of a maximum of 6-8 people, so that all participants receive personal guidance from the instructor. This will give you a better idea of exactly what you should focus on, and you’re guaranteed to get the most out of your workout. Learning the proper technique may need only the smallest changes!

Trained instructors

Wasa Up’s classical Pilates instructors are constantly developing their Pilates skills and are actively participating in new classical Pilates training programmes and workshops both in Finland and abroad, such as AitoPilates and Peak Pilates. In addition, we occasionally have star instructors visiting, who bring new perspectives to training.

Classical Pilates classes and courses

Here are some examples of the classes, courses and workshops we have. Places are limited, so please book yours well in advance via our booking calendar!

Still something you wonder?

If you didn’t find an answer to your question, please check the frequently asked questions. You can also always email us, or call us during opening hours!