Acroyoga combines acrobatics and yoga

Acroyoga is a great activity for an active person who loves a holistic, social, and above all fun workout. The charm of it is this: all poses are done with the support of another person, and in some variations there may be several acroyogis in the mix. Balancing exercises require good concentration as well as strength of the supporting muscles, and adding elements of massaging to the moves can also alleviate stress. You will see how team spirit, communication, and trust for another person skyrockets, and Vaasa also has its own, tight acroyoga family!

Balance, strength and concentration

Although the sport combines acrobatics and yoga, no experience of either is required to start practicing it. Moves require strength, but an even more important factor is balance. For a particular acroyoga pose to be successful, different parts of the body must be aligned correctly and firmly. In addition to strength and balance, acroyoga exercises develop trust, communication and the ability to commit, keeping the partner upright, training together and having fun at the same time!

The poses are done with the support of a partner

Acroyoga has three roles: the flyer, the base, and the spotter. All poses are done off-ground, with the support of another person, while the rest make sure that temporary slips or imbalances do not result in falls. During instructed classes and courses, poses are always done in groups, which are formed according to participants’ height and skill level.

Instructed classes and courses, and free jams

Our instructors themselves have found acroyoga to be a social and holistic form of exercising where you can have fun with friends. We are also sometimes visited by star instructors, who share us some great, new perspectives and in-depth knowledge. Check out also our acrojams where you can just “jam around” with other acroyogis! Jams are a free workout with no instruction and the permission to do whatever moves you like.

Acroyoga classes, courses and workshops

Here are some examples of the classes, courses and workshops we have. Places are limited, so please book yours well in advance via our booking calendar!

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